Your talking TeamSpeak clanmate.

A short introduction

Start off by downloading the Overwolf app

Next, request your cloud-powered clanbot

You don't need to download loads of stuff, install Linux or do anything complicated.

Just hit the request link, check the form is filled in correctly (it's mostly done for you) and press submit. Then, a clanbot will join your channel and introduce himself.

Small print: there's currently a limited number of clanbots available.

Play your favourite game

.. and talk to the clanbot.

You can read his replies, in case your game is too loud.

Share the fun with your mates

They can hear the clanbot in your channel, but also see the same content in the app.

Provided they are in the same channel on the same server of course!

That way, the clanbot can show tactics videos to everyone, and there's no excuse for fails!

Here are some of the things the clanbot can help you with today...

The emphasised words are keywords that the clanbot is looking for.

  • Ask for the current time
  • Ask about News
  • Ask for the latest Hacker News
  • Remind you about the tactics for the next bossfight
    (Just make sure pass the right Youtube link to the clanbot ask part of your request)
  • Explain the meaning of life
  • Attempt to unsuccessfully check the weather using a crystal ball

... and features that are coming soon ™

  • Tell the clanbot to leave (currently the clanbot will leave when he gets bored)
  • Ask about your clan news
  • .. and more! (to be revealed later)

The clanbot's speech recognition component is based on the awesome Jasper project

Here's a video for you.

You control the clanbot just like you'd control Jasper. Emulate their accent if you have to.

Some of the things you can see in the video are not available (yet), don't make sense in a multi-user system, and/or bring other complications (music licensing), so you can't use them.

This applies for example to the GMail, Spotify integration and social media features. Sorry.


Thank you for creating Jasper, Shubhro & Charlie!


Just drop me an email.


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